Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

Since the accident we've asked everyone who knew Michael to send us their memories and special moments with Michael. We continue to receive e-mails from Michael's friends from high school, college, trips abroad, work engagements and time spent living in Iowa, Chicago and most recently, New York City. We'd like to share some of those unforgettable stories with you now.

Received in 2011
Travis "Tre" Faaborg  
Received in 2007
Jennifer Burke Christina Harbrecht
Received in 2006
Michelle (Anderson) McKeag Susan Koch
Christina Harbrecht (photos)  
More from 2005
James Fus Laurie Geers
Ginger Dusek Heidi Peters
Mark Fey Felicia
JoAnn & Ted Deacon Doug & Anne Nickerson
Christina Harbrecht (photo) Bartt A. Nehrt
Elizabeth McCauley Sarah Darnink
Marc Smith Bob & Robyn Lamb
Leah Tweedy Kate & Jeff Townsend
August 2005
James & Evone Nickerson Katie Miller (photo)
Greta Mikelonis Marianne in Manila
Eloise Caggiano Chris Wilder
Brooke Skora Mary Lee Morris
Kate & Jeff Townsend Mary Mathes
Rich Hunter (photo) Brian Mosqueda
Edmond Gozo Sara Hammes
Bonnie Anspach Tami R. Gunter
Sarah Quoss Julia Furay
Jennifer Fugaccia (Skelley) Liz Hancock
Vivek Khurana Michael Cipriano
July 2005
Steve Heintz (photos) Lon Spurgin
Alfie Isidro Beth Milheron
Marc A. Smith Steven Inman
Dick & Rita Harmeyer Sheryl Decker
Rob Sandburg Sara Sandburg
Gary Sandburg Doug Marley

Share your own memories and photos!
We want this list of stories to go on forever. Please help by sending your stories and photos to memories@formichaelburke.com.