Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

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From: Ginger Dusek (2005)

To all of Michaels friends and family

Where to begin, of all the wonderful memories of Michael. I had the pleasure to work with Mike at Accenture, where we worked on a project together. Mike was such a unique, genuine person who touched the lives of everyone he met. My last memory of Mike was in Manila, where we went to karaoke with some co-workers and sang our hearts out. Mike and I performed a duet of Summer Lovin, from The Grease soundtrack. During our karaoke night, Mike was singing with a group of men to the song "I'm Too Sexy", and mid song, threw the microphone on the ground and did the worm through the room. I have never laughed so hard. That same trip, Mike, myself and Tom Pettit traveled from the Philippines to Japan together where we entertained ourselves in the American Airlines lounge with some drinking games and friendly conversation with other travelers. Again, a lot of laughter, mostly due to Mike's wit and very spontaneous comments.

Mike was a true friend to me, and also an inspiration. He inspired me to always be a better person, see the positive in things and seek to live each day with gusto. We spent many cooped up days together in a conference room, and also in the car out to our client site. One particular day on the way home, stuck in traffic, Mike and I decided to sing at the top of our lungs every song we could, which for Mike that is almost all of them. His rendition of a Chicago song was truly something to be heard (and seen hitting the dashboard as I drove!)

I also had the pleasure to attend the Masters Golf Tournament with Mike, after last minute tickets were offered to him and me as we worked in the basement of a client office in CT. After some coaxing, I convinced Mike to leave the office, buy a ticket to Atlanta and head the golf outing all within 2 hours. Mike had a great time, and mentioned what a dream it had been of his to go to the Masters. I remember him calling his father while we were together to tell him how awesome of an experience it was.

Mike was always bursting with personality every day, and always had a kind smile, a warm heart and a friendly word for everyone. A true saying is Mike never met a stranger, and everywhere he and I traveled this was true. Mike loved his family, the St. Louis Cardinals and Iowa football. He talked about his sisters all the time, and showed off the artwork he received from their kids. He loved to show off what presents he would buy them for their birthdays and holidays, and always beamed with pride when mention of his family came up. I commend Mike's parents and sisters for raising such a kind, giving man. Although his life was tragically cut short, he filled each day with a smile and filled all of our hearts with joy. I feel I have a lifetime of memories of Mike, and will always chuckle when I think of his funny personality and his always spot on impersonations. My favorite was from Old School, where Will Ferrell gets hit with the tranquilizer dart and states "you're crazy, I like you... but you're crazy!" Boy, we wore that one out!!!

My best to Mike's family over this holiday season. I fully trust the Mike is smiling down at us and keeping us in his heart!

Ginger Dusek

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