Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

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From: Elizabeth McCauley (2005)

To the family of Michael Burke:

It is hard to understand why people are taken from us but I hope you all find comfort in knowing you were a special part in a well-lived life.

My name is Elizabeth McCauley. My brother, Courtney, was in high school with Michael. I had a special memory I wanted to share with you about Michael.

When I was in Mrs. Barr's 4th grade classroom – we were lucky enough to have some high school Spanish students come down to teach us some elementary words (adios, hasta manana, etc.). Well, my friends and I got really excited when we saw Michael on the list of students coming down. We had all seen him in high school plays and show choir events. We thought he was pretty cute!

Much to my surprise – I was put into a small group with Michael! The only one of my friends that was! I knew the other girls were envious of me – and I loved it!

But, the most important thing was – I found Michael was a beautiful person inside and out! He was patient, kind, understanding and fun. He was special enough that, now, at 18, I still remember him and his glowing personality. I have heard that memories are the legacy of love. I hope this memory will fill your hearts and help you find a smile.

God bless you all

Elizabeth McCauley

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