Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

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From: Bartt A. Nehrt (2005)

To Michael's parents,

My name is Bartt Nehrt, I attended your sons' funeral and with the name bartt you might just remember me. I had told you both that in mike's honor I wanted to get a brick made to put outside of busch stadium in his rememberance. Logging onto the cards website tonight I saw they had stopped the brick paving program but have opened it up for another week, so after much thought I got the phrase I wanted. Believe it or not I actually went home the day of mike's funeral and logged on to buy the brick. For the next six months not a day went by that I didn't want to buy that darn brick but "how can you say everything you want to say about someone you loved in three lines?" So tonight the words came

Michael Burke
fan for life
friend forever

That pretty much wraps up everything I could think of. Not a day goes by that mike, along with you and his sisters, are not in my thoughts. Though I only met you briefly, we will always share mike's memories. So on this holiday season I wish you the best of holiday wishes and that your new year is a blessed one.

Yours truly,

Bartt A. Nehrt

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