Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

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From: Travis "Tre" Faaborg (June 2011)

My name is Travis Faaborg. I went to school with Mike from 5th grade through graduating H.S. together. We played on just about every sports team together, were in SPRINT together, had most of the same classes, and were in Show Choir together, as well. Mike was good at all of these things, and I patterned myself after him quite often.

There were times in Junior High that I thought I hated Mike Burke because of how popular he was, how good he was at everything he put his mind-to. It was merely jealousy and never manifested itself. In fact, I later came to admire Mike quite a deal and we were pretty good friends. I always figured Mike would become President one day...he had that kind of charm, drive, intelligence. Everyone knew him and he was kind to them all.

I remember studying words in SPRINT with guest-teacher Michael Sheerin, an Irish lad who made some hilarious comparisons to acceptable words in one language that were quite...unacceptable in another! Also in SPRINT, Mike and I did "The Superfans" as a skit. Most of you remember Saturday Night Live from back in those days. The Superfans were die-hard Chicago sports-fans who spoke with heavy accents, had ridiculous mustaches and an infatuation with "Ditka!"

We would always crack-up on any sort of trips we took for Show Choir, sports, etc. We'd do impressions and generally just make fun of things like adolescent boys do. I think we may have thrown ice, from the bus window, at a convertible on a highway somewhere in Missouri once...we were brazen young men for sure.

We went to State in golf our senior year, which meant we travelled to a few courses along the way for Regionals, Districts, etc. I remember everyone had a bad outing in Iowa City the day of the State Tourney, myself included. I remember how disappointed I was that, coming in with one of the final groups, I couldn't give the team a score that would help us. Mike always played well, so I would have liked to help on the one day he had an off-round. Still, he was encouraging and we consoled each other as a group.

Mike was a fierce competitor at everything he did. He worked very hard, though he didn't always have to. He was gifted academically, yet he still studied hard, took concise notes, and was rarely out with those of us partying back then...in fact, I don't remember Mike really ever being out on those gravel roads with us...he was home with his family working hard at something.

One thing is for sure: you always knew you'd have fun if you were with Mike. He was rarely in a bad mood and loved to make others smile and laugh. Even now if I think about being able to just go grab a beer with Mike, or anything...it sounds like fun just cause he'd be there.


Travis "Tre" Faaborg
CHS Class of '96

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