Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

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From: Alfie Isidro (July 2005)

today ive lost someone whose dear to me, someone whom i wasn't able to know deeply but someone who have moved me from the day i met him...

when i got a text from al, that mike burke was already dead, i wished that it was just a silly joke! i know he wouldn't throw such joke on others life but then again i still hope that mike's life wouldn't end that fast...i lose my strength at that time, thinking of those smiles that i was able to receive when he first called me because of dench, the warmth he had given me though he didn't exactly know whom he was talking to at that time...he was a very nice person, that you need not to know him deeply for you to be able to discern a good heart in him. his smiles and disposition in life greatly tells of his worth and how good he really was.

the incident that happened when rea had an attack greatly visualized his good heart and concern for each and everyone of us, that a lot of people admired him for caring for someone whom he wasn't really familiar...i am proud of you mike!

……..how can i forget the day when he visited us in the office and asked him to read the article that was written by Doris during the time when they experienced an earthquake inside the office,,, that was the day wherein i really got the best of everything, great smiles, laughters and camaraderie for he notwithstandingly join our crowd and shed smiles that affects each one of us, good thing is that i was able to keep the same copy of that article in which he himself touched it and read it for us. That was really one heck of an experience and an opportunity knowing a great friend in him…

seeing him often in the office gives me a little comfort in talking and establishing rapport, he was nice and funny though serious most of the time and that perhaps capture my attention and challenge myself to know him more and more… and when the day when he was about to leave the Phils, it brings nothing but sadness for I don't know when would I be seeing him again. Great hopes of seeing him again on the littlest possibility when he told me he'll come back soon was what I hold onto. (I just hope you were able to keep that stuff!)

talks over ym made his presence a little more comforting, that though he was doing a lot of things day by day, he'd still throw some time to talk and greet me "hey alfie", "hello alfie", etc how I wish to receive it every time I asked him how are you mike…little talks over ym made my day really complete, I dunno how but those little talks were really enough to put a smile on my face, (just the thought of mike himself typed those msgs, I cant help but smile, ehe)

its over now, the long wait was through when he visited us in the office to do some hosting for the battle of the brains… I actually had a date that perhaps would be able to change my destiny, a date that would perhaps made me complete and happy not just for a single day, but I have chosen to stay when I was informed that mike burke would be coming over…I was supposed to meet my date by seven and targets to leave the office by six o'clock right after office hours…I dunno what made me stay? Perhaps I really miss him that I even choose to stay and forget about my date the fact that I know id just be glancing at him… I know my date would offer much than that but I stayed! The contest started too late…I can't do anything but to take time looking at his face, seeing his laughterss, smiles, listening to his voice, and discerning the sincerity that he had, etc…much that I wanted to get closer, I cant coz I don't wanna look like a jerk who wanted to be the center of attraction…I wanna do it but I cant, I cant get any closer and throw him some smile and perhaps hug him and say I really missed you! Those were the things that pops on my mind, hoping for the time to come that id be talking and spending some time with him… I stayed a little longer stealing a glance of his smiles and cute rosy cheeks…I guess I really miss him that time, until he went onto my place, shook my hands, asked me how am I doin, and sympathized with my loss…I was a little teary when he talked about my mom, that the news reached him and how it affected him, that made me a shelter on his behalf, that he was more than just a man to procure our professional growth but a friend who'll raise you up when you most need it. (I wouldn't forget that moment mike)

my fantasy finally reached into its end, he waived his goodbye and again shook my hands…I was in greater awe to get more than what I wish…

I phoned my date to say that id be late and then hurried into the elevator…wait for fx until I saw dench coming, askin me if I wanna have breakfast with mike… Hello? Who wouldn't want to??? That's more than what I asked for! I hesitated a little though my heart says go and have fun! I felt a little shy for even just the thought of eating with an executive, someone with great achievements etc. I thank dench for insisting the breakfast, perhaps he must have sensed that my refusal was just an act of demeanity or what…then we rushed back to the office again to ask mike(not me ok but dench asked him, but ofcourse with me), his initial reaction was pleasing (the breakfast with me)… again I was in greater bliss at that time having mike beside me talking and talking, at this time with a lot of comfort eradicating the formalities between my boss and i… while waiting for dench, anne came to greet and talk to mike, that's her first time to get to know him that's why and when we're about to leave they invited anne and the rest of the managers! Whoaaahh, what is this? A meeting? What am I doing there? Haay…outcasted! Ehe

We went to Figaro and have our order,,, anne, selle and charles shared their table, dench, anji and chachie shared tables, and who did I share my table with? Ehe its mike… it's a little silly at that time thinking that it would be mike who'd be having the first thought that they are dating and that his date was me! How I wish to melt down onto his shoulders and stay there for the rest of the day… we talked, yea, though I was a little uncomfy bec of company talks, but he still made it a point that I wouldn't be outcasted for he also asked for my opinions etc, dench also made the conversation a little lighter ofcourse for me to atleast still be a part of that group… my breakfast in Figaro made a good impression on me, though I never really liked Figaro foods, ofcourse with mike beside, I get to appreciate their breakfast, coffee and the juice(ehe especially the jam I shared with mike)…a toast was also given by mike for me and that was a little more comforting on my part…a part of me melts down with awe…(I think im really fallin)ehe

Mike was really tired that day, as far as I know he haven't slept for almost a day that time, but still he didn't make it a barrier for refusing the offer(breakfast) we stayed there til 9:30 am and that's more than late for my date! Still I didn't care about it! Im in bliss…in greater bliss I must say!

We left the coffee shop and bid our goodbyes, we parted but someway somehow, I still felt the warmth he had given me…the smiles we've shared and everything…and again its all because of you dench! Thanks!

Our communication continued with the use of ym…him givin me advices and appreciation etc…until I knew that he wasn't here in Philippines then Five days after……. july 26 al texted me….

I wouldn't forget a great friend and a great adviser in you… you have moved me and affected me even just for a single hello that you've given me…you'll forever be treasured mike! The memories I had with you is more than enough for me not to forget any good deeds you shared with us…

"michaeltburke (5:33:18 AM): you're very welcome, alfie. you're a great person with a lot to offer."

Thanks for lifting me up mike!

I'll forever cherish the memories I had with you my good friend… thanks for everything and may God lead you the way to His kingdom for you to be able to receive the gift you deserve for all the kindness that you have given onto us…

I know by now, you know what ive always wanna say to you! And that's it! ........

..........to mike's family, i would like to extend my condolences... mike has been so good to me and i know its bec of the family who brought him up to be just the way he was to me...

alfie isidro
manila, philippines

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