Michael loved life and lived it to the fullest. He did more in his short 27 years than most do in a full lifetime. He will be missed terribly by all those whose lives he touched.

Memories of Michael

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From: Sarah Darnink (2005)

I first me Mike when he accompanied Nick in 2002 to run the New York Marathon. I will always remember the gangly – cute – funny guy who slept in our apartment. It was only after two days that we all felt like best friends. That was the first of many trips to New York before he moved there. After one of those trips we named him "marriage material" because he was everything you could want in a man, caring, sweet, funny, truly genuine and thoughtful. That was just one of the nicknames we had for Mike. We also referred to him as "Burkus". He called us anything from "Wehrle", "Swirleg", "T-Lo", "C-Lo, "Teens" and "Nink" .

It was such a privilege and a joy to be part of his life. I feel so fortunate to have him bless my life during those fun short years. He will always be remembered and always be loved. His name and memory will come up at any event where friends are gathered and having fun. My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone who deeply loved Mike.

Sarah Darnink "Brooklyn Girls"

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