Since July 2005, the word has spread fast about Michael's tragic accident and the subsequent outpouring of support from Michael's family and friends. It's our goal to tell Michael's story to as many people as possible. We can always use more friends.

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Miles for Michael (Fundraising Event)
P.F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon
January 15, 2006
Phoenix, Arizona

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Fundraising ideas for Runners and Supporters
posted November 14th, 2005

Miles for Michael Rock ‘N' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon Participants:

First of all, THANK YOU for committing to running this race in Mike's memory and THANK YOU in advance for your efforts to raise funds for the Michael Burke Foundation. By sharing Mike's story and encouraging your friends and family to support the foundation, this organization can achieve and potentially surpass its first-year goal of providing a college scholarship to one Iowa high school student. Set your sights high! Think about a $1000 or even a $2000 fundraising goal. Feel free to use any and all of the following fundraising ideas. We are all excited to see the great things that will come of this first fundraising effort!

Fundraising ideas:

  1. Send e-mails to friends, family and coworkers
    1. You can use the content of the file "RNRAZ–Michael_Burke_Foundation.doc" with additional personal information (add your story and replace "Runner's Name Here" with your own name, for example)
    2. Make sure to include a link to the donation web page so it's easy to click through (
  2. Send mail to friends and family
    1. Include a copy of "RNRAZ–Michael_Burke_Foundation.doc" – making sure to personalize it
    2. Think about including a stamped envelope if you think the recipient is likely to donate using a check
  3. Use a $$/mile pledge form to get pledges from people you see on a regular basis – like coworkers
    1. You could send out an e-mail before getting pledges to give background on the foundation or simply approach people and give the details in person
    2. Use HalfMarathonPledge.xls or MarathonPledge.xls to keep track of your pledges
    3. Give your supporters donation options – they can give you cash (and you can send a check to the foundation) or if they would like the donation to be tax-deductible, give them the information to write a check or donate online.
  4. Corporate donations and/or donation matching
    1. Check with your company's HR department to see if they will make a donation or match the other donations you receive.

Don't forget to follow up with potential supporters a couple weeks before the race!

Please contact Laurie ( or Rebecca ( with questions about fundraising.

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